Infographic for Fashion Forest Inc

Infographics – How things work

This was a very interesting project! Here’s a series of 10 infographics, I created, meant to be published in a tech magazine. The segment was based on several regularly-used consumer products that have a direct impact on human life.

The best part about this project was, the products were never defined to me. I had the flexibility of designing the framework in the sense of selecting the equipment suitable for each segment, do my bit of research on its working mechanism, and then of course presenting the graphical illustrations at the best of my creativity.

Each segment features the influence of the equipment in the consumer market. I tried putting a pinch of salt into the work by adding a couple of frequently-thought over fact, thereby making this more appealing to the readers. Though each illustration has its own feel and look yet they had to be in complete sync with the technical theme for respective segments. It was challenging and intriguing to no limits!

How Water Heater works – Infographic

How Office Printer works – Infographic

How LED TVs work – Infographic

How GPS works – Infographic

How Kitchen Blender works – Infographic

How Paper scanner works – Infographic

How Blu-Ray Disc works – Infographic

How Projector works – Infographic

How Dishwasher works – Infographic

How Solar Panel works – Infographic