Hello, warm welcome to! I am Santosh Kushwaha, a freelance graphic designer by profession and passion. Call me specialized in infographics and interactive design, I bag wholesome experience of working with clients world-wide, both on-site and off-site. Frenzied by enormous responses and demands of visionary works, at present, I head two creative studios – VisualBest and InfographisBest. My creativity can take your visual needs from rollers to dollars! What are you waiting for? Dress up your graphical pursuits right away with the best I can provide! 


The design that works for your business and help you to grow your business.

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Infographic Design

I combine unique ideation, researching, writing, and designing to create professional inforgraphics and data visualization.

Our Team


I create excellent illustrations for magazine covers, blogs, websites, caricatures to gift, vector graphics and icons etc.

Our Team


Interactive infographics are increasingly popular. They are fun and offer a better experience to viewers. I create interactive with the help of my developer team.

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I prepare exciting motion graphics for different business needs. These short, animated videos enable companies to explain business prospects in a comprehensive.


Our Team
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Who I am:

I am from Varanasi, India, with a university degree in graphic design, and the founder and creative director of VisualBest, a creative studio specializing in infographic design, visual storytelling, and data visualization.

My Unique Perspective:

I have been in the infographics business professionally for 13+ years, including 8+ years of a hard drill in newspaper editing, producing infographics for a newspaper, magazine, and website editions on a daily basis. These experiences have made me extremely well trained, effective, and confident.

What I Do:

I have a knack for designing eye-catching infographics, illustrations, and presentations (static, motion or interactive). My aim is not only to present the data but also to tell visual stories using data, which reveal viral potential, helping my clients attract new customers and improve their sales and page rankings.

The People I Help:

From digital marketing specialists, content strategists, and creative directors to CEOs and startup founders, I’ve helped many brands, organizations, creative agencies, and media services by crafting and designing compelling visual stories to boost their (or their clients’) content marketing strategy.

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